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Your Android Phone Won’t Charge? This Tips and Fixes to Try

In today's era it is difficult to live without a phone. In such a situation, if the charging port of the phone does not work, then the problem may increase. But before taking it to the service center, you can check or repair the charging port yourself. Know about some such measures…

If you have plugged the phone into charge and there is no indication of charging, there could be several reasons. Maybe the charging port is damaged or the phone is not charging due to corrosion in the charge port. If there is no cover on the charging port of the phone, then the port stops working due to dust and dirt.

How can the charging port be damaged?

Water damage: If the phone gets wet and water enters the charging port, then the charging port can be damaged.

Dust and debris: Not cleaning the charging port can lead to dust and debris getting accumulated in the charging port.

Wear and tear: Even with regular use of the charging port, there is a possibility of wear and tear.

Loose connection: If you charge the phone with another charger and the connection is loose, then the port might be damaged.

Try a different charger cable

If you’re having trouble charging, try replacing the charger cable. Sometimes the problem is not with the port, but with the charger. If changing the charging cable allows the phone, tablet, or laptop to charge, that’s fine, otherwise try other methods.

clean the charging port

A build-up of debris in the charging port can sometimes block the connection between the port and the plug. Using a sharp object like a needle, you can clean the frozen waste. But do not use a toothpick to clean the charging port, as it may break inside the port. This can cause further damage to the charging port. During this, keep in mind that your mobile is switched off. Also, clean with a light hand.

corrosion in charging jack

Sometimes there is a problem in charging due to corrosion in the charging port. Any sharp object can also be used carefully for cleaning the rust. Do not use liquid in the port. This can cause further damage. Points are made behind the charging jack, clean them thoroughly as well. Apart from cleaning the charging jack, you clean it with the same cloth.

Do not charge if the port is loose

If the charging port is loose, cleaning it will not work, rather you will have to take it to a service center. Sometimes pressing the charger forcefully also causes this problem. So while charging the phone, do not press the charger inside too fast. This can damage the charging port. If there is any problem with the port, then immediately go to the service center. use wireless charger

If the port’s damage is beyond repair and you don’t have the money to buy a new device, try a wireless charger. But for this it is also necessary that the phone supports wireless charging, only then it will work. The wireless charger uses electromagnetic induction technology, which allows the phone to be charged by placing it directly on top of an induction pad without plugging in any cables. Not only does it eliminate the hassle and hassle of wires, but also offers faster charging speeds.

Protect charging port from breakage

If you want to save the charging port of smartphone, tablet etc. from breaking, then follow these methods

  • Refrain from using the phone while charging, as it can put pressure on the charger port and there is a possibility of the port breaking.
  • Avoid using a damaged or worn charger card, as it may damage the port.
  • Be careful when inserting or removing the charger from the port. Also, don’t force it in or out, as this could break the connectors inside the port.
  • Keep cleaning the port. Dust and dirt can accumulate and cause charging problems.
  • Do not bend or twist the card excessively, as this may damage it.
  • Avoid using third party chargers if possible. If not compatible with your phone, may damage the port. If you must use a third party charger, make sure it is a branded one and not a local one.

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