Friday, February 3, 2023

Will ChatGPT leave Google? Will be able to save huge amount, new chatbot will be helpful

ChatGPT has been in a lot of discussion for the last few days, the main reason for which is that it can compete with Google. But today we will tell you how you can save your money with ChatGPT. Let's know about it.

OpenAI has designed its ChatGPT in such a way that it can be able to think and answer questions like humans. The company says it can answer our questions, admit its mistakes. Apart from this, it can also guess that what will be the next question to be asked to him? Not only this, GPT can also reject those requests which it does not consider valid.

Google can give competition

Experts believe that ChatGPT can affect Google as well, they have named it Google Killer. Not only this, it is the next generation AI tool, which has become famous overnight in the world. But now let’s talk about why this chatbot is in discussion. We can save money with the help of this. Let’s know how?

You can save money with the help of ChatGPT

Let us tell you that in the coming time you can save your money with the help of this. Now the question is how? A ChatGPT based bot can help you with this.

DotNotPay CEO Joshua Brower told that he is working on a Chrome extension that reduces the expenses of your internet bill, hospital bill and other bills. This chatbot will do all the bargaining for you, help you get refunds.

Beta version will come in January

According to the company, the open beta version of this extension will come in January. Apart from this, this feature will be free in the beta testing phase, after that it will be added to the subscription plan of DotNotPay.

What is DoNotPay?

DoNotPay is a mobile application that acts as a “robot lawyer”. For this, users have to take a subscription of $ 36 every three months. It uses AI to deliver legal services.

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