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Who first wore a bikini? Who did the design? Was it rebellion or just fashion?

Who first wore a bikini : Bikini is an interesting part of a rebellious fashion journey.

Deepika’s bikini look in the song ‘Besharam Rang’ from the movie Pathaan is being trolled and there is a lot of discussion about the bikini on social media. While wearing a bikini was once a form of rebellion, now everyone from models to the average young lady wears a bikini. There are also many photoshoots. But where did this bikini come from? When exactly did this costume come into use? Even if you google it, you get interesting information about it on various sites. This compilation of the same information.

The bikini was first designed on July 5, 1946. It was not designed by any fashion designer but created by an engineer. Louis Layard, a French engineer, designed the bikini. Bikini is considered to be the sexiest dress around the world.

How did the name bikini come about?

There is an interesting story behind this. Actually, the place where bikinis were first made was Bikini Atoll. This place is in the Pacific Ocean. According to media reports, Bikini Atoll was the site of nuclear and weapons testing at the time. Louis Reard’s invention was considered no less than a bombshell.

Although bikinis have become a style statement these days. But after it was invented, no model wanted to wear it. Not only that, but she was not preparing for any advertisement. But after some time, 19-year-old dancer Micheline agreed to promote him. There was a sensation when she was seen in public in a swimming pool wearing a bikini.

When it was printed, there was a lot of havoc. She also posed in a bikini with a matchbox in her hand, which meant that the bikini was so small that it could even fit inside a matchbox. It is said that Micheline became famous as soon as she wore a bikini. More than 50 thousand letters were received from her fans.

Today, girls all over the world wear bikinis. But there was a time when it was banned in Italy, America and Spain. But later they had to remove the ban. In just 4 years bikini had made its mark in the global market. In 1950, bikini sales began breaking records in the markets here. Then gradually its trend started in America as well as other countries. Even in India today bikini photo shoot is a huge craze among Indian actresses.

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