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Vastu Tips: Don’t donate these 3 things after sunset, Goddess Lakshmi’s blessings will go away from home

Vastu tips for money: In Hinduism, charity and charity are considered very auspicious, but it is said that if you donate these things after sunset, the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi leave your home.

Vastu Tips charity in the evening: Importance has been given to charity in Hinduism, it is said that our actions are also linked to charity. Often you must have heard that our bad deeds or faults also end with charity. In Hindu religion, the work of charity and charity has been going on since centuries. Even in Teej festival, people do charity and charity by bathing in the Ganges etc. But do you know that there are some such things in Hinduism which are not considered right to give. It is said that if you give these things to someone after sunset, then Goddess Lakshmi gets upset with you. Let us know which things should not be given after sunset.

Don’t donate milk and curd

Milk-curd is considered the symbol of Lakshmi ji. It is believed that after sunset one should not give milk, curd etc. Mother Lakshmi gets angry with this. Along with this, milk and curd are related to Chandra Dev, by giving it the wealth of the house goes away. That’s why no matter how important it is, these things should not be donated in the evening.

Do not deal with turmeric

The direct relation of Guru is considered with turmeric and turmeric is also used in auspicious works. It is said that Guru is the factor of wealth and turmeric is also used in Thursday worship. If you give turmeric to someone in the evening, then its inauspicious results are seen, as well as mother Lakshmi also gets upset, so do not give turmeric to anyone in the evening.


Hinduism is based on religious beliefs that Maa Lakshmi enters the house after sunset, so in Sanatan Dharma worship is done after sunset by cleaning the house etc before evening and lighting the lamp. Our elders also say that money should not be concerned in the evening.

do not sweep in the evening

Often you must have heard that sweeping in the evening destroys the abode of Goddess Lakshmi, so sweeping should not be done after sunset.

(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on general beliefs and information. IND Updates does not confirm it.)

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