Friday, February 3, 2023

Ukraine attacks by entering Russia! : Bomb blasts at Engels airbase hundreds of km from the border, fear of drone attack

The war between Russia and Ukraine has not stopped even after 10 months. In fact, Ukraine, which faced the attack in the beginning, has now reversed the course of the war and launched attacks on the territory of Russia. The latest case is of Engels Airbase in Russia, where two big explosions were heard on Monday morning. It has not yet been confirmed that the attacks were carried out from the Ukrainian side. However, if this happens, it will be quite shocking for Russia, because the Engels airbase is located about 600 kilometers from the Russia-Ukraine border.

According to news agency Reuters, Ukrainian and Russian media have released reports regarding these blasts. It is reported that there were two loud explosions at the airbase. Some locals told Russian news outlet Baja that air sirens had been sounding shortly before the blasts.

Engels airbase is very important for Russia diplomatically. This base is near the city of Saratov in Russia. Its distance from the Russian capital Moscow is 730 kilometers. There was news of Ukrainian drones attack on this airbase on December 5 as well. Neither Russia nor Ukraine had ratified it then.

However, now another attack on this airbase can cause significant damage to Russia’s military image. Analysts say that if this attack has been done from Ukraine, then it will be seen as a major failure of Russian air defense.

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