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This famous Hasina took divorce, is the mother of 4 children, will get Rs 1.65 crore every month for upbringing

Kim Kardarshian-Kanye West News: Kim Kardashian has been in headlines for a long time regarding her divorce and now she has finally separated from Kanye West. Till now there was no agreement between the two regarding the compensation, but now this issue has also been settled.

Kim Kardarshian Divorced: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are in the news for their divorce and now finally their separation has been officially sealed. After both are legally separated, now that issue has also been resolved regarding which there was no consensus between the two. Both the stars disagreed about the upbringing of the children and the division of the property, but now the court has made a settlement between the two and with the consent, both will bear the expenses of the children.

Children’s expenses will be divided between both

Because both Kim and Kanye have got the custody of the children, the expenses will also be divided between them as both of them earn. But since the children will mostly stay with Kim, according to the New York Post, Kanye will give Kim Rs 1.65 crore every month for the upkeep of the children. Let us tell you that both have four children. His elder daughter is 9 years old and the youngest child is 3 years old. Their marriage lasted for more than 6 years but last year Kim filed for divorce. Although Kanye West did not want a divorce from Kim. For which also he fought a legal battle.

Stays in discussion about her boldness

Kim Kardashian remains the most discussed about her boldness. Kim always slays with her Met Gala looks. On the other hand, talk about Kanye, he seems more surrounded by controversies. Recently also he is stuck in many difficulties. Adidas company has set up an inquiry against him, alleging that he shows objectionable content to people during the meeting.

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