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Potli Massage Therapy: The secret of every disease is hidden in Ayurvedic massage potli. Know its benefits.

You must have heard about many Ayurvedic remedies that need to know how many diseases or minor problems are solved. These Ayurvedic tips are really very beneficial if appropriately followed. But if you are told such a recipe by Ayurveda which is the solution to every disease, you might not even believe it.

Yes, we are talking about an Ayurvedic treatment called Potli Massage. This treatment is unique in many ways because its only one potli is the medicine for every disease. In the olden days, people used to get cured of their illnesses through this massage, but today we are living with the help of medicine, which has made us crippled by depending on them. So let’s know about all the things related to massage potli. We will start with the fact that why its name is potli massage!

What is potli massage? (What is Potli Massage Therapy?)

Massage potli is an ayurvedic remedy for all body pain types. To perform this medical practice, a potli is made in which some beneficial herbs, medicinal oils, and sand are filled and fomented. This is such a recipe that you can relieve many problems in just one massage. These massages are especially beneficial for those women who have to face the problem of joint and muscle pain after the age of 30.

Three Methods of Potli Massage Therapy

There are many ways to do this massage, and each has different benefits for the body. Let us know about these methods:

  • If you want to do massage for body detoxification, this method of massage potli is available. In this method, the body is freed from all the dirt.
  • Potli massage can be done to get relief from any kind of pain.
  • Its third way is related to calming our mind and mind. This is a unique massage for people who are suffering from mental problems.

Benefits of Potli Massage Therapy

  • With potli massage, you can relieve joint pain, migraine pain, common headache, and muscle stiffness.
  • It is very beneficial for our gut health; it relieves daily problems like abdominal pain, digestion problems, constipation, and gas.
  • If you are suffering from depression, heavy stress, or sleeplessness for a long time, then this potli massage will give you relief.
  • Nowadays, everyone is looking for ways to lose weight, following different diets. This massage can be beneficial in such a situation because it is considered suitable for reducing weight and keeping it balanced.
  • It helps a lot in increasing blood circulation in our bodies. The medicines included in it improve blood circulation.
  • This massage is very beneficial for the health of the skin. After getting it done, you will see the glow and improvement in your skin. This therapy also reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
  • This massage is effective for problems like arthritis, sciatica, and varicose veins.
  • This particular massage therapy not only makes you look younger but also slows down the aging process, which means you will look younger than your age even if you are getting older. In this way, it is anti-aging massage therapy.

Potli Massage Ingredients

So far, we have learned about the benefits and methods of massage potli. Now let us tell you what things are included in that particular potli to do this.

To relieve pain in the body, Neem or Mustard oil is filled with sand in a bundle and then massaged with it. On the other hand, if you want to get rid of skin and any mental problems, then in this potli, you will get sand with turmeric and ginger. Whereas mint and lemon are specially included in the potli for migraine and normal but persistent headaches. If your complaint is related to stiffness and muscle pain, then this problem can be removed with a potli filled with rice, rosemary, and milk called Najveera. It helps in improving blood circulation in the body.

(Note: You should think of getting this massage done only on the advice of an Ayurveda doctor so that the solution to your problem can be solved better.)

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