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Know some amazing facts related to Somnath Temple of Gujarat

Somnath Temple, one of the 12 Jyotirlinga temples of Shiva, is considered a very sacred and important temple. This temple is also very unique in architecture. Along with the idols of Gods and Goddesses, many fine carvings in the temple are definitely worth seeing. This is such a temple, to see which people come from far and wide.

It is said that this mythological temple was destroyed many times in history, but every time this temple was rebuilt. This is such a temple, which not only boasts of a rich history in itself, but there are many such facts related to it, which are very interesting. So, today in this article we are telling you about some amazing facts related to Somnath temple-

There is a deep connection with the moon god

This is a very ancient temple, which also has a connection with Chandra Dev. Legend has it that the initial structure of the temple was first built by the Moon God who made the temple out of gold. Surya Dev used silver in its construction, while Lord Krishna contributed sandalwood to make it.

There is a legend about Soma, the god of the moon, related to this place. It is said that Soma, the god of the moon, was cursed by someone. Because of that the god of Moon lost his glory. After which he was told that if he would bathe in the river Saraswati, he would get his luster back. Then, he bathed in the river Saraswati and regained his lustre.

This temple is very ancient

You may be surprised to know, but this temple is so old that you probably cannot even think about it. According to Swami Gajanand Saraswati, the first temple was built 7,99,25,105 years ago. Not only this, this temple was attacked many times and attempts were made to destroy it.

This temple faced destruction more than 15 times. The temple was destroyed by Mahmud Ghazni in 1024, Khilji’s army in 1296, Muzaffar Shah in 1375, Mahmud Begada in 1451 and Aurangzeb in 1665. But still this temple was rebuilt every time.

A very special gem is located in the temple

It is said that the famous Syamantaka gem is safely hidden in the Somnath temple within the hollow of the Shivling. And it is associated with Lord Krishna. The stone is said to have the ability to generate gold and has alchemical and radioactive properties, which is the reason for its floating above the ground.

It is also believed that Lord Krishna ended his pastimes in this temple and went to heaven.

The name of the temple will be changed

According to the Skanda Purana, every time the world is rebuilt, the name of the Somnath temple will change. It is believed that when Lord Brahma would create a new world after the one that was destroyed recently, Somnath would receive the name of Pran Nath Temple.

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