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Vitamin B12 Deficiency: From shrinking of veins to weakness, the lack of this vitamin is the reason, know what will increase the level

If you are feeling weakness in your body, then it can be due to deficiency of Vitamin B12 in the body. It is one of the essential nutrients in our body.

Due to deficiency of Vitamin B12, weakness starts coming in the body and the face turns yellow. The problem of Anemia to Veins Blockage is due to the deficiency of this vitamin. This vitamin is very important for the development of red blood cells and cells in the body. In such a situation, deficiency of Vitamin B12 in your body can be harmful for you.

To avoid this problem, you should eat foods rich in Vitamin B12. So let us tell you which foods can remove Vitamin B12 deficiency.


Red beetroot removes anemia in the body. Beetroot is eaten as a salad. Beetroot juice is also very good. Daily consumption of beetroot completes the deficiency of Vitamin B12 in the body.


Vitamin B12 is also present in egg yolk. By eating one boiled egg, the body gets about 0.6 micrograms of Vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is found in egg yolk.


Vitamin B12 is obtained in abundance by eating fish. Vitamin B12 is present in high amounts in tuna, salmon and sardine fishes. Eating them daily is very beneficial.


Green leafy vegetables are very beneficial for us. There are plenty of nutrients in them. Spinach also contains vitamin B12 in abundance. By eating this, the deficiency of Vitamin B12 in the body is fulfilled and the eyesight also becomes sharp.


Vitamin B12 is available in plenty by consuming milk and all the products made from milk. If you are feeling weak and there is deficiency of Vitamin B12 in your body, then you should use all these products.

(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on general beliefs and information. INDUpdates does not confirm it.)

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