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The size of the stomach tells how is your nature and future! This is the way to know

The size of the stomach tells the level of fitness of the person. Along with this, it also tells how his nature and behavior is. This is explained in detail in Samudra Shastra.
  • The way to know nature has been told in oceanography
  • The size of the stomach also tells the personality of the person
  • Women with high belly are more attracted to men

Just as astrology tells the future and nature of a person on the basis of zodiac and horoscope. Similarly, Samudra Shastra tells the nature and future through the structure of the body parts and the marks made on them. For this, special symptoms have been told for every part from head to toe of men and women in oceanography. Under this, even by looking at the size of the stomach, the person’s ethics and future can be known.

Know your nature from stomach

  • Such people (for both men and women) who have a line on their stomach, they are very knowledgeable. They get special respect from home to society.
  • If a woman’s stomach is as thick as her waist, then such a woman does not give up in any condition. They always achieve high status.
  • Such women, whose stomach appears very high, they get attracted towards men quickly. Such women always try to show themselves very beautiful. There is a possibility of them having extra marital affair.
  • Women whose stomach is smooth, slim and beautiful, they are very lucky and achieve a high position in the area they go to.
  • If there are 2 lines on the stomach of a man, then such people consider women only as objects of consumption. They do not give respect to women.
  • Women whose stomach is unformed and does not look beautiful, they have to struggle a lot in their life.

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