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Salman Khan Birthday Special: Salman Khan’s luxurious farm house is in Panvel, away from Mumbai, spread over 150 acres

Salman Khan Luxury Farm House: Bollywood’s brother Jaan i.e. Salman Khan is celebrating his 57th birthday on 27 December. The actor’s birthday is no less than a festival for his fans. On this day, a crowd of thousands of fans gathers outside his home Galaxy. Everyone reaches outside Salman’s house to wish him, but it seems that this time his fans will be disappointed. Actually, this time Salman Khan will be out of Mumbai on his birthday. He had disclosed this in Big Boss, but would not have given any information about it. On the occasion of birthday, we are showing you the view of Salman Khan’s luxurious farm house. Where he spends most of his time.

Salman’s farm house is in Panvel away from Mumbai

Salman Khan is one of those celebs who live a luxurious life but don’t flaunt it. Even after earning crores, Salman lives in the same apartment with his parents in Mumbai. Although Salman Khan has a farm house in Panvel, where the actor often visits. The view inside Salman Khan’s Panvel farm house looks quite beautiful. Behind this beauty are the unique things kept there.

Bhai Jaan’s farm house is spread over 150 acres

Salman Khan’s Panvel farmhouse is spread over 150 acres and is worth above Rs 80 crore. This farm house is named after Salman Khan’s sister Arpita.

Salman Khan does horse riding

There are also three bungalows, a pool and a lot of space for horse riding inside Salman Khan’s Panvel farm house. The actor is often seen riding a horse in his farmhouse. He has many horses whose pictures he has shared on Instagram.

Khan family has parties here

Apart from Salman Khan, a luxurious party is organized on the birthday of his family members at this farm house. Apart from the birthday party, they are also seen doing get-togethers. Last year, Salman and his niece Ayat Sharma’s birthday was celebrated together here. Not only this, recently the actor had organized a birthday party for his mother Salma here.

The actor stayed here for months during the Corona period

Tell me in the year 2020 when the corona virus made its knock across the country. Then Salman came and stayed in this farm house for a few months away from Mumbai city. Here he did all the work on his own. He himself even planted a broom in the farm house. You can see in this video.

Salman does farming

Pictures often come out from Panvel Farm House, in which you see that Salman Khan is seen doing farming.

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