Monday, November 28, 2022

Modi unveils Ashoka Pillar on new Parliament building; Find out how is this Ashoka Pillar?

Along with the new Parliament buildings, 10 more buildings will be constructed near India Gate under the Central Vista project.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday unveiled the Ashoka Pillar constructed on the new Parliament building. On this occasion, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also interacted with the workers making the new Parliament building.

How is the Ashoka Pillar?

The Ashoka Pillar, built on the new Parliament building, is 6.5 meters high and is made of bronze. Also, the weight of this column is 9,500 kg. This Ashoka Pillar has been erected on the roof of the new Parliament. The new parliament building is expected to be completed by the winter session.

Construction of Parliament under Central Vista

The task of forming a new parliament has been entrusted to Tata Projects Limited. Along with the new Parliament buildings, ten more buildings will be constructed near India Gate under the Central Vista project, which will have offices of 51 ministries.

What is the need for Central Vista?

A new parliament has been formed. In independent India, elections were held in 1951, when the Lok Sabha had 489 members. Currently, the Lok Sabha has 543 members, and the Rajya Sabha has 245 members. This number is expected to increase after the proposed 2021 census. After the 2026 delimitation, there will be less space in the current parliament building to accommodate the growing number of MPs. Also, the old Parliament building will be 100 years old. A

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