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Palmistry: In which field will your career be made? Learn from these palm bumps

Palmistry Career: Every person wishes to get a good job after studies. For this he also works hard. However, through palmistry it can be predicted that in which sector the career of that person will be made.

Palmistry Related to Career: In astrology, the way a person can be known by looking at the horoscope. Similarly, in palmistry, a lot of information can be obtained about the person through the lines and marks present on the palm. Through this it can be guessed how his future life will be. Will he become rich in life or will have to live in poverty. Similarly, with the help of the mountains present in the palm, it can be found out in which field a person can make a good career.

Guru mountain

According to palmistry, the person in whose palm the Guru Parvat is raised. Such people earn name in areas like government job, education, medical, management. These people get jobs easily in this field. Guru Parvat is just below the index finger in the palm.

Mount Mercury

If the Mount of Mercury is embossed in the palm of a person, then such people perform very well in business and earn their name. These people also get success in the banking sector. Please tell that there is Mount of Mercury under the little finger.

Sun mountain

According to palmistry, the person in whose palm the Sun mount emerges. Such people perform well in medical ie medical fields. Let us tell you that the mount of Sun is situated under the ring finger.

Mount of Saturn

The person in whose palm Shani mountain is embossed. Such people get work related to contracting. These people achieve a lot of success in this field. Shani mountain is under the middle finger.

(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on general beliefs and information. IND Updates does not confirm it.)

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