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Kitchen Tips: Make kitchen work easy with these 7 methods, time will also be saved

Kitchen Tips: Kitchen Working is considered one of the most important tasks. This is where our healthy living begins. When delicious and hot food comes on our plate, we eat it with passion but many times we ignore the hard work behind making it. Working in the kitchen is sometimes very difficult, however, by adopting some methods (Kitchen Tips), the work of the kitchen can be made easy to a great extent.

Kitchen Tips: Working in the kitchen may seem easy at a glance, but it is no less difficult than office working. The biggest thing is that kitchen working is directly related to the health of every member of the family. Many times when food full of taste and health comes in front of us, we eat it with great enthusiasm but ignore the hard work behind making it. Many tasks related to the kitchen are very tiring. In such a situation, if you want to save your hard work and time by making your kitchen work easy, then we are going to tell you some easy ways, using which kitchen working can be simplified to a great extent.

Make kitchen working easy in these ways

  • Garlic is used almost daily in both the meals. Garlic is used only after peeling. In such a situation, we are going to tell a very easy way to peel it off. First of all, separate the garlic cloves and keep them in a bowl. After that, keep these buds in a box of Tupperware, close the lid and shake it for some time. This will separate the garlic buds from the peels. Apart from making the work easy, this method will also be time-saving.

  • It is a problem of almost every household to fall due to a little carelessness while heating the milk. In many homes, this situation happens once or twice in a week. If you want to save the milk from spilling after boiling, heat the milk in any utensil. Put a girl’s spoon or stick on top of it. You will see that even after boiling the milk does not fall out of the pot. This is the easy way to solve your problem.

  • In every household there are at least one or two occasions in a month when cheese is used for food. Many times a lot of effort has to be made to grate the cheese. If you too have faced this type of problem, then before tightening the thing, keep it in the fridge for about half an hour. After that, if you grate it, it will tighten easily.

  • Lemon is used in every household. Lemon juice is also used a lot. If you want to squeeze the lemon properly and use the whole juice, then keep it in the fridge for half an hour before using it. After taking it out, put it in the microwave for about 20 seconds. After this, if you squeeze it, all the lemon juice will come out easily.

  • Banana, one of the favorite fruits, is as tasty as it is to eat, but it is equally difficult to store it. If the banana is even slightly overripe, there is a fear of it spoiling soon. If you are also fond of eating bananas and want to store bananas well for a long time, then pack the upper end of the banana (towards the stem) with clingfilm. Due to this, the banana will not ripen quickly and will spoil late.

  • If you are using ghee, oil or honey in a utensil, then it is very difficult to clean it after use. To make this work easier, spray cooking spray in the utensil before using these things. With this the utensils will be cleaned easily.

  • The ice cubes we prepare at home are not transparent, but transparent ice cubes must have attracted your attention in a party. If you also want to prepare transparent ice cubes for a party at home, then instead of using plain water, use boiled water to set ice. The ice cubes made from this will appear transparent.

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