Monday, February 6, 2023

Kajol loves Jaggery-Ghee-Poli! Do you like Gultuppoli Ladoo like Grandma used to make?

Kajol Loves Jaggery Ghee Poli Kajol recently opened up about her comfort food. She likes jaggery, chapati and ghee a lot.

Bollywood actress Kajol is known for her bold predictions. Kajol has succeeded in winning the hearts of fans with her fashion sense along with her smile. She is very fond of food. Her favorite food is Khichdi. In a recent interview, she has given information about comfort food. She loves ghee with jaggery on chapatis. This dish is eaten in many places. In our house, grandmother or mother may also have given Gultuppoli ladle in the food box. We used to eat this laddoo in childhood. Its properties provide nutrients to our body.

Regular consumption of jaggery and ghee does not cause digestive problems. If one is suffering from constipation, he should consume jaggery and ghee. It will definitely make a difference. Jaggery and ghee contain iron which helps to boost immunity. Along with this, it keeps the body warm and full of nutrients.

You can eat jaggery, ghee and chapati in 2 ways.

The first method is that you can eat jaggery and ghee on chapati. This will provide everyone with nutrients.

Another method is that you can fill chapati with jaggery juice and fry it in ghee.

Jaggery, chapati and ghee should be eaten in proper quantity. This nutritious chapati will help you warm yourself from the inside out during winters. The nutritive properties of jaggery and ghee will help keep the body healthy and boost immunity. However, ghee should not be consumed excessively, it can also cause lethargy in the body.

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