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Malaika Arora: If not work, make personal life the support of earning! The unique method adopted for free drinks in pubs.

Malaika Arora Video: Malaika (Malaika Arora) has no work left now, so she has made her personal life a means of earning. At the same time, a video of Malaika dancing on the pub table for free drinks has surfaced.

Moving In With Malaika: Malaika Arora recently revealed in her show Moving in with Malaika that she even danced on the tables in pubs for free drinks. Malaika is already being trolled on Moving in with Malaika. People on social media say that Malaika has no work left, so she earns by resorting to the secrets of her personal life and domestic disputes.

Malaika arora dance video viral

A clip of Moving in with Malaika is going viral on social media. Malaika is seen showing dance moves by climbing on a restaurant or pub table. Seeing this style of Malaika Arora, her fans are sighing. At the same time, some netizens are also trolling her fiercely.

Malaika Arora danced for free drinks

Malaika Arora said that she goes to Goa during the show to pacify her angry sister Amrita Arora. In the front, Amrita challenged Malaika and said, Chalo tum apne style apne charm ka jadoo Chalo and show us by giving free drinks. Malaika also accepts the challenge and reaches the bar owner.

Malaika Arora says to the bar owner, I have forgotten my purse, and we are feeling good here if you… The bar owner says, have you really forgotten, or is there something else. Malaika says she has really forgotten her verse. On this, the bar owner says, I have a condition, we will give you whatever drink you want, but you will have to do something in return. After this condition of the bar owner, Malaika Arora is seen showing her sexy moves by climbing on the bar table for free drinks.

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