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IAS Tina Dabi Photos: The look of IAS Tina Dabi has changed, as seen in this style among girl students

IAS Tina Dabi Photos, Jaisalmer DM: IAS Tina Dabi is currently working as District Magistrate in Jaisalmer. Her photos keep going viral on social media. His new style is also being liked a lot. You can also see the new look of IAS Tina Dabi.

IAS Tina Dabi: Tina Dabi’s name is among the most popular female IAS officers (IAS officers). Tina, who was once very active on social media, has disappeared from there, but her works are being discussed at the grassroots level. Tina Dabi is working on the post of District Magistrate in Jaisalmer (Jaisalmer DM). His works are being praised in the local media there.

IAS Tina Dabi News: IAS Tina Dabi has started programs for women in Jaisalmer. Her initiative ‘Jaisaan Shakti’ (Ladies First) is in the news (Jaisalmer News). Asia’s youngest calligraphy expert Gauri Maheshwari, who received the National Child Award from the Prime Minister on the initiative of Tina Dabi, is teaching calligraphy to girl students of Jaisalmer.

UPSC Topper Tina Dabi:┬áIAS Tina Dabi topped the UPSC exam in 2015 (UPSC Exam). Since then, she has been in the Rajasthan cadre only. In Jaisalmer’s Swami Vivekananda Government Model School and Government Mahatma Gandhi English Medium School, girl students were taught the skill of calligraphy under the ‘Ladies First’ program.

IAS Tina Dabi Instagram: IAS Tina Dabi has 1.6 million followers on the social media site Instagram. Tina Dabi has been less visible on Instagram for the past few months. But on the special occasion of New Year 2023, he congratulated his followers by sharing an Instagram story. Along with that, he also changed his profile photo on Instagram. Now she has displayed her photo with her husband, IAS Pradeep Gawande (IAS Tina Dabi Husband).

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