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A perfect easy recipe to make dhaba style bhature at home, let it cool down and let the chole bhature bet…

Bhatura Recipe : How to Make Best Bhatura Dhaba Style at Home : Making oil-free, crispy bhatura is not an easy task, but here is an easy recipe.

Whenever we go to any road side dhaba we always order chole – bhature hamkhas. Chole – Bhature is a famous dish of North India. These days chole – bhatura is easily available at every hotel, restaurant and dhaba. Chole means kabuli chickpeas are prepared in a special way and along with it is served pura ie bhature made of flour-potato combination.

Chole – Bhature is served with chopped onion, tomato or cucumber and served with this salad. We try to make this dhaba style chole-bhature at home too. Choles are made but no matter how hard you try, you can’t make dhaba style bhature. However, many people complain that while making Bhaturas at home, they do not taste as good as they do in dhabas, they do not swell properly in oil. So something special to make bhatura at home

Ingredients for making Bhatura –

  1. Flour – 1 bowl
  2. Potatoes – 3 boiled
  3. Oil – for frying
  4. Salt – as per taste

Action –

  1. Mix the flour and boiled potatoes together. Add a spoonful of oil to it. Knead a good stiff dough.
  2. Make small balls and roll them. Heat oil in a pan and fry all the bhature.

To make Dhaba style perfect Bhature remember –

  1. While making bhature, you can add 7 to 8 slices of bread by crushing it. By doing this you will not need to leave the batter overnight to ferment.
  2. Adding curd while kneading the bhatura dough makes the bhatura soft.
  3. Add boiled potato or grated paneer while kneading the dough to make Bhature Dhabastyle soft and crispy.
  1. While frying the bhaturi, first check if the oil is hot enough and then fry the bhaturi. While frying the bhature, deep fry it on both sides.
  2. Add some semolina while kneading the dough to make the bhatura crispy and crunchy.

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