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How to know where a person has gone in a month? See the complete location history like this

Location History: Many times, you need this information very much that where you were on a certain date, but then you do not remember it. In such a situation, you can check your location history in this way.

How to Check Location History: In today’s era, own safety is the biggest and most important issue. Many times such untoward things happen to people that their relatives do not even know where their son, brother or husband is. In this case, your location history matters a lot. Apart from this, in many cases you have to prove where you were on a certain date.

It means to say that it is important to have information about where you are going, what you are doing and when you are coming back. It is not possible for anyone to remember this in a run-of-the-mill life. Now the question arises that then who will keep the information about it? Actually, the information about all this is kept by the Google Map present in your phone. Yes, let us know how you can check your location history with the help of this…

Helpful in saving relationships and saving from crisis

You will be surprised to know that your Android Smartphone keeps recording all your records every moment. Where were you present on which date (My Location History) and where did you roam throughout the day. At what time and at what place did you stay? Everything gets recorded in it. You can remove all this record anytime. Similarly, you can also see the history of location and activity of another person in his mobile.

How to check location history?

If you want to see your location history, then you have to login your Google account (Gmail Login) on the computer. Google automatically logs in by logging in to a Gmail account. Now click on the link given below here. On clicking, a screen will appear in front of you. Where you have to select the year, month and date about which you want information. After filling this information, the whole record will come openly in front of you that where you were at that time, from where to where you went and where you stayed.

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