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Get a one-year YouTube Premium subscription for free! Learn the way here

Free YouTube Premium Subscription: If you like watching videos on YouTube, we have great news for you. We are telling you how you can get YouTube Premium subscription for free and also for one year ...

Free Annual YouTube Premium Subscription Know How: There are many platforms and apps in the market these days that allow you to stream your favorite videos. The oldest and most popular of these apps is YouTube. Now think if you get a premium subscription to your favorite video streaming app for free, will you let it go? If not here’s a new trick you can use to get a one year YouTube Premium subscription for free. Let’s find out how …

What is YouTube Premium Subscription

First of all find out what YouTube Premium is and how it differs from normal YouTube. If you don’t know, let us tell you, YouTube has launched a new service in which you can watch all YouTube videos without any ads. People are taking a premium subscription to this platform for such an ad-free experience. Let me tell you, you have to spend Rs 169 to enjoy this subscription for one month. Now you must have understood what YouTube Premium is and how much it costs. Let us know how you can have fun for free.

Get YouTube Premium for free for one year!

We have told you what is YouTube Premium. one year subscription for free. You have to do a little work to enjoy YouTube ad-free without paying. You can get a premium subscription to the platform for free if you become part of YouTube’s referral program.

This work must be done

Let me tell you that just being a part of a YouTube referral program will not get you a Freema subscription. You must refer a total of 12 people to this program for that.

This means that every single user who signs-up with your referral code will receive a one-month free YouTube Premium subscription. This way if you 12 people sign up for your referral code you will get Free YouTube Premium Subscription for 12 months.

Let me tell you that this referral program is not available on YouTube’s iOS app. The benefits of this program can be available till May, 2023.

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