Friday, February 3, 2023

Smart Ring: Forget mobiles and smartwatches! Now UPI payment can also be done through ‘Anguthi’

A startup named Ace money recently presented its smart ring at a startup conclave of the Kerala Startup Mission in Thiruvananthapuram. Let's know about it.

Smart Ring: There is continuous development in technology. There was a time when computers used to be the size of a room. Then time passed, new technology came, and computers first turned into desktops and then into laptops. Not only this, the smartphone was introduced for many tasks done on the laptop. People started using smartphones. It seems as if everything is collapsing. Things related to tech are being made smaller and easier. This also includes earphones, watches and fitness trackers. Smartphone features were first given in smartwatches, and now a startup based in Kochi is trying to give its features in Smart Ring. Smart Ring allows users to do transactions with their finger. Let’s know about this ring in this article.

Why was such a ring made?

A startup named Ace money recently presented its smart ring at a startup conclave of the Kerala Startup Mission in Thiruvananthapuram. Presenting this ring, Aismani said that the concept behind the ring is simple. Its purpose is to enable users to transact even when they do not have their card, wallet or phone, using NFC. It was further told that this ring has been specially designed for the time when a person forgets to bring his phone or ATM card.

Features of Acemony Ring

Acemony ring is made from zirconia ceramic. It is hypoallergenic, and scratch resistant. Along with this it is also waterproof. So, you can wear it in all seasons. There is no battery or charging component provided in this ring, so you will not need to carry a charger with you. This ring is NFC-enabled. For this reason, it is not dependent on Bluetooth connection.

Method of use

To enable this ring, you need to download the Acemoney app on your phone and add money to your digital wallet for payment. Thereafter on the app, you need to enable “Contactless” to transfer funds to your ring. After this process is completed, you do not need to carry your phone to make payment. Correct hand gesture for payment is of utmost importance while using this ring. For this you have to curl your fingers as if you are going to knock on a door. Put your fingers on the payment terminal. Wait till the beep sound.

Many questions related to this ring

No major investigation has been done about how secure the payment made with this ring is. Apart from this, this ring not only gives you the convenience of payment, but a smartwatch also provides calls, WhatsApp, music and many more. Although it is a startup. In such a situation, other features may also be added to the ring in the coming times.

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