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In the midst of Pathaan’s saffron bikini controversy, the famous actress showed ‘shameless color’, sharing bold PICS, Deepika- Shahrukh …

Monalisa On Besharam Rang: The controversy over the song Besharam of Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone starrer film Pathan has not stopped yet. Due to this video song, while many people are trolling the star cast, all the celebs have also come out in their support. Bhojpuri actress Monalisa has also shared a post about the shameless color, through which she has taken the attention of the people. Amidst Pathaan's saffron bikini controversy, Monalisa showed her 'shameless colour' and shared bold photos and supported the song picturized on Deepika-Shah Rukh.

Monalisa has recently re-shared all the posts of the year 2022 in a reel video. The clip also has glimpses of her romantic trip in which she can be seen with husband Vikrant Singh Rajput.

Sharing the reel with her hot avatar, Monalisa has commented on the shameless song filmed on Deepika and Shahrukh in the caption, who are in controversy these days for their title and wearing saffron bikini.

Sharing her pictures, the Bhojpuri actress wrote, Love Love Love…. #besharamrang favorite song…He has described it as his most favorite song, apparently he has posted this reel in support of Deepika-Shah Rukh. In these posts, Monalisa herself can also be seen in bikini.

Let us inform that a few days back, in an interview with News 18, her husband Vikrant had also given his reaction on the shameless color. On the saffron bikini controversy, Vikrant had said, ‘For me my tricolor is at the top and it has three colours. If it is talked like this, then I think that wearing saffron and white clothes should be stopped. Even shoes come in this colour, so they should not come in this way.

Monalisa’s husband had also said, ‘Saffron colored shoes are underwear, then you should stop wearing this too. The anti-Hindu and anti-Muslim things that are going on these days are being done to bring themselves forward in politics.

He says that ‘When talking about saffron color, then let me tell you that I like this color very much. If we are talking about this color, then in true sense it should not be worn below the waist. It should not be said, but it is being talked about, so I am saying that many saints and Mahatmas walk wearing it below the waist, which is a natural thing being a human being, don’t they do it. All these things are being done just to stay in the limelight. People themselves are defaming the saffron colour. I think that if such things are happening then it is all just a ploy to remain in the media.

After Vikrant, now Monalisa has also attracted people’s attention by reacting to Shameless Rang. However, people are writing many slanderous things against him, which we also cannot tell here.

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