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Avatar Sequel: Preparations are on to bring Avatar 3, 4 and 5, know when and how many years the films will come

Avatar 3: The boom of Avatar 2 continues all over the world. However, there are also reports of protests and boycotts in North America. Meanwhile, discussions are rife that James Cameron's Avatar Universe will continue to fascinate people for many years to come. Many films of Avatar series will keep coming.

Avatar Universe Movies: With the worldwide success of Avatar: The Way Of Water, various discussions are taking place on the future of films in this series. The film is around a trillion dollar collection in the world in the second week. In such a situation, the discussions are getting more wings. The biggest buzz in the social media about the film is that writer-producer-director James Cameron has created the fictional world of Avatar on a very large canvas and the next three sequels of this film have also been shot. This is the reason why it has taken 13 years for Avatar 2 to arrive after the first Avatar.

Avatar Universe is ready

If the discussions going on in the social media are to be believed then in the coming years the world will get to see Avatar 3, Avatar 4 and Avatar 5. Even after this, if everything goes according to James Cameron’s plan, then this film series will go till Avatar 6 and Avatar 7. James Cameron has also confirmed that he is very excited about the future of Avatar. He said that I may not have the energy or imagination to make such a long series, so I am forming a team and handing over my stories and notes to them. This entire team will work together on the Avatar Universe.

Avatar will keep coming

Although Cameron has not yet made an official announcement, but according to the news coming in the social media, after Avatar 2, the sequels of Avatar will come in a gap of two years. According to Cameron’s plan, Avatar 3 will be released in 2024, Avatar 4 in 2026 and Avatar 5 in 2028. After this, the next two episodes 6 and 7 may take some time because the work on their stories is still going on and shooting is also to be done. The Avatar Universe will change a lot in these last two films.

short video vs avatar

The length of Avatar 2 remains a topic of discussion all over the world. The film is three hours 12 minutes long. At a time when people all over the world are getting entertained by watching videos of a few seconds and minutes on platforms like Instagram and Tiktok, how sensible is it to make a film longer than 3 hours for theatres? People say that today even if Avatar People are spending three hours in the theater to watch the beautiful scenes of the film, but is there any guarantee that even after five years in this fast paced world, the audience will watch a film for more than three hours.

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