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Apple, Google listen to everything from your bedroom, turn off this setting

In this internet world there are some companies that listen to us

In this internet world there are some companies that listen to us. Be it a smartphone or other smart device, we give them many types of permissions. When granting permissions from camera to mic we don’t think about when and how often the device will use it.

For example, Google Voice Assistant requires users to grant microphone permission. With this, Google works by listening to our messages. Similarly, you also give permission to the microphone to use the voice-to-speech feature in the smartphone. But do you remove the permission after using this feature?

There is always a big problem with devices that work on voice commands. This device uses a microphone to listen to our words. As Alexa only works when you call her name and give her a command. This also means that this device listens to everything we say.

Sometimes Facebook asks you for access to the microphone. The app requests access to a microphone for video chatting and text-to-speech. He can also listen to your personal stuff without ever thinking before giving his permission. We will tell you how you can remove this permission given to Facebook.

If you are an Android user then you need to go to the settings of the phone. Here you have to go to Security & Privacy option. Here you will find Privacy option click on it.

You will find details of microphone, camera and other sensors. From here you can know which apps are given which permissions. Also you can block or remove permission of microphone or any other sensor for any application.

If you use a smart speaker, you have to do a separate setting for it. On an Amazon Echo device, you will see a microphone-like button. You can turn off the microphone by clicking on it. On the other hand, for Google Assistant, you have to go to your phone’s settings and repeat the feature mentioned above.

What should iOS users do?

iPhone or iOS users have to go to Settings to remove app permissions. Here you have to click on the app from which you want to remove permission. After clicking on the app you have to toggle the microphone. If you want, you can go directly to Privacy and Security by going to Settings. Here you will find the microphone label. You can remove permission for any app from here.

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