Monday, February 6, 2023

‘Alibaba’ TV Serial Makers took the decision; there will be no entry in place of Tunisha Sharma.

It is not yet clear whether Tunisha Sharma has committed suicide or it is murder. However, in the post-mortem report, the cause of death of the actress has been told as suffocation.

After the death of the lead actress Tunisha Sharma of the TV serial ‘Alibaba: Dastan-e-Kabul,’ the show has started airing once again. In this serial, Tunisha used to play the role of Princess Mariam,’ and Sheezan Khan is seen in the part of ‘Ali Baba.’ Tunisha committed suicide by hanging herself on the sets on 24 December during the shooting of this serial. After that, the shooting of the show stopped, but now a big update regarding this has come out from the show makers. According to reports, the serial makers will soon give a new twist to it and will consider completely changing its track.

In an interview, the serial makers said that ‘Alibaba: Dastan-e-Kabul’ will not be closed. However, for some time now, the storyline will be extended, focusing on the rest of the characters, and if needed, some new actors can also be added to the show. As per reports, no replacement is being seen for Tunisha’s character in the show; instead, the surface will be scrapped, and a different character will be created. For which the makers are looking for an actress. Till now, backup episodes have been aired on TV. The news is also coming that Sheejan Khan’s replacement is being seen from the serial.

The show’s shooting has started without its lead characters, and the set of the serial has been made at a distance of 3 km from the original location.

Please tell that Sheejan Khan is in police custody in Tunisha Sharma’s suicide case. There was an affair between Tunisha and Sheejan, and both had a breakup a few days ago. Tunisha Sharma’s mother, Vanita Sharma, blamed Sheejan for Tunisha’s death. He says that Sheejan cheated on Tunisha, and after the breakup, Tunisha was broken.

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