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4 tips to make kofta soft and delicious, the secret to making perfect restaurant style kofta…

Tips To Make Soft & Delicious Koftas: If you want to make koftas easily, sometimes they become very hard; what is the solution?

After going to a restaurant or hotel, we read the name of Kofta-type dishes like Malai Kofta and Paneer Kofta on the menu card. Sometimes the kofta dish available in most hotels or restaurants is very expensive. At such times we prepare dishes like Malai Kofta, Kadhi Kofta, and Paneer Kofta at home. Malai Kofta recipe is delicious to eat, and this recipe is a popular vegetarian dish. Dipping these koftas in creamy gravy gives them a unique taste. This taste is so delicious that no one can resist the temptation to eat kofte. We can prepare tasty and gravida kofte recipes at home in very little time, just like a hotel or restaurant. While making koftas at home, let’s understand some special tips to make their restaurant style soft, crispy and tasty (Tips To Make Soft & Delicious Koftas).

What exactly can be done

Use breadcrumbs: Using breadcrumbs helps in binding the koftas. Kofta is made with different types of vegetables or boiled potatoes. Use breadcrumbs to bind these vegetables. Using breadcrumbs while making koftas prevents them from cracking while frying.

Kofta Chi Gravy: Kofta Chi Gravy is this dish’s main and important part. After leaving the koftas in the gravy, the consistency of the gravy needs to be right for them to soak and soften. Kofta gravy should always be a bit thick and thick.

Use of Paneer in Stuffing: While making Veg Kofta, add grated paneer while preparing its stuffing. Adding paneer will not only enhance the taste of the kofta but also help it to become soft and creamy.

Special care while frying: Koftas require special care while frying them. While frying Koftas, they should be fried only till golden brown colour. While frying koftas, do not over-fry them.

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