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What is the menu for the 31st December party? Take 3 quick options, the food is delicious and quick – enjoy

Dinner Menu For 31st December Party : It will be quick at home and we wonder what to do with such a full stomach, for that there are some easy options.

31st December is the day to say goodbye to the new year. We want our family and friends to be with us while welcoming the New Year. With that in mind, we plan a get together on this day. There is a big question before the women class that what to eat if many people will come to us. Many times we don’t want to buy continuously, in that case it will be quick at home and we wonder what to do with the food (Dinner Menu For 31st December Party).

It is exercise to do something thinking of everyone, children and adults. With a quick menu, women also get a little free from the kitchen and can have fun with everyone. Let’s take a look at some of these extreme options…

  1. Bounce Peas and Bread

Currently, it is the season of peas and green peas have entered the market in large quantities. Coconut, chillies, coriander, ginger, chillies are made into a paste and this bounce is very good. This hot Usala is very tasty with wheat bread or plain bread. This menu is loved by everyone in winter days. One can bring anything like salad, gulab jam, jalebi with this.

  1. a lick

In chaat we can make all kinds of ragda puri, panipuri, shave-potato puri, bhel. From children to adults, everyone likes different types of chaat, so everyone raves about it. After bringing Churmure, Farsan, Pura from the market, we can make spicy water and sweet tamarind chutney at home. Potato tikkis are also easy to make. Apart from this, a good menu can be made with a few ingredients such as pea or mung beans and onion, tomato, coriander, chaat masala. It can also be served with hot soup or coffee.

  1. Chole-puri

Chholya Usal is a favorite menu item of many. It is also relatively easy to bounce. Along with this we can make a menu like hot puree and salad, cumin rice. This menu can be perfect for a 31st December party as cold days crave for something hot and sizzling.

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